awkward party

awkward party = a phrase that describes an awkward moment or situation.
it was created upon discussing an awkward moment at an actual party.

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Kate Moss, via JezebelKate Moss, via Jezebel

Kate Moss, via Jezebel

For a long time I struggled with “web sex” or what some people call “cybering” but now things have gone too far. Last Christmas my brother bought me a web cam and the chat rooms I used to take part in now have a lot of pics going around.

I’m am embarrassed to say that I am hooked on taking nudes of myself for other boys. I dont know what this makes me and I feel sick that I am making them struggle.

RB + RB 4eva! Blago appoints Burris senator.RB + RB 4eva! Blago appoints Burris senator.

RB + RB 4eva! Blago appoints Burris senator.

Brody Jenner likes “awkward guy moments” and wearing strange gloves.

“Marc [Anthony] and Jennifer [Lopez] are planning on announcing their divorce right after Marc’s show at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 14 … Jennifer is planning on joining Marc onstage for a surprise duet. Things haven’t been right for a while now, and they thought it would be a bittersweet farewell.”

Likely to be the most awkward duet ever. Right up there with Eminem and Elton John.

via NY Daily News

Total awkward party kiss.Total awkward party kiss.

Total awkward party kiss.

>creepy, <awkward

AwkwardGuy: Did you used to live by Logan and California?
Girl: Yes
AwkwardGuy: Yeah, you used sit out on your porch. I was the guy in the bushes.
Girl: ……….

NYE Party Type 1: Oh, This Is Nice

You usually end up at this party after Tanya can’t come into town after all and cancels or you were just too darn busy to make good plans, real plans, ahead of time. So you put on a sweater you got for Christmas or the cocktail dress you bought for Debbie’s engagement party that you never wore again, and drag some poor unwitting sap of a friend to the party where you don’t really know anyone. It’s super awkward at first and you just stand by the cheese and crackers, nodding your head to the music, furtively gulping room-temperature chardonnay and furiously wishing for midnight. That way you can hug and kiss the host—she’s Tom’s friend from work—on the cheek and be on your merry way. What you forget, of course, is that everyone at this party is awkward, and everyone is furtively gulping booze so round about 11:15 er’body’s crunk and having deep, sloshy meaningful conversations with each other and your friend is making out with some dude in the hallway and it’s sort of the best-slash-worst party you’ve ever been to. See, the key is to not expect much from New Year’s eve. Then it has potential to be great fun. Until you wake up the next morning and you vaguely remember telling that cute guy with the glasses about the time you peed your pants on the R train and you might have cried at one point and oh god you can never, ever see any of those people ever again.

via Gawker | The 5 Types of NYE Parties